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M21-1, Part X, Chapter 11 – Veterans on Active Duty in Receipt of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits


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This chapter contains the following topics:
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1.  Award Action on DoD Matches


This topic contains information on award action, including

Change Date

July 18, 2018

X.11.1.a.  DoD Match

The Department of Defense (DoD) runs a quarterly match of the active duty and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability files to identify persons who are receiving active duty pay and VA disability benefits concurrently.  The match will create a listing based upon matched Social Security numbers (SSNs) of active duty members in receipt of VA benefits.
To verify the proper payment of VA benefits, review the awards of all Veterans identified on the listing.
Note:  This match does not identify reservists who receive active duty pay for short periods of annual training.
Reference:  For more information on a waiver of disability benefits during reserve training duty, see M21-1, Part III, Subpart v, 4.C.

X.11.1.b.  Transmitting the Listing of the DoD Match

The DoD active duty listings will be transmitted electronically by e-mail or by regular mail with a cover document.  If sent by regular mail, review the cover document with each transmittal, as it may indicate that
  • certain cases have already been reviewed by VA Central Office, and
  • a review is not required by the regional office (RO).
Important:  Whether received by e-mail or regular mail, the notice of the DoD active duty match must be uploaded into the Veteran’s electronic claims folder.  Upload only the information specifically related to the Veteran under review.
Reference:  For information on redacting documents containing personally identifiable information for multiple individuals, see M21-1, Part III, Subpart ii, 4.G.3.d.

X.11.1.c.  VA and DMDC/VADIR Activation Match

The Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) releases an additional DoD match named the VA and DMDC/VA DoD Identity Repository (VADIR) Activation Match.
This match is released monthly to ROs and lists reservists and members of the National Guard that were called to active duty for 30 days or more.
Follow the same procedures in this chapter to process the VA and DMDC/VADIR Activation Match as the quarterly DoD match.

X.11.1.d.  VETSNET Inquiry on DoD Matches

Use the Veterans Service Network (VETSNET) inquiry to determine if listed Veterans are in receipt of compensation or pension.

X.11.1.e.  When a C&P Master Record Is Terminated

Annotate your listing if
  • the compensation and pension (C&P) master record has already been terminated due to reentrance into active duty, or
  • there is no C&P master record.

X.11.1.f.  Claims Folder Location for DoD Matches

If VETSNET shows a running compensation or pension award, check the claims folder location.
If the claims folder is located at
  • another RO, notify the RO listed on the match
  • VA’s Records Management Center, request transfer of the folder, or
  • the RO, review the claims folder.

X.11.1.g.  Checking for Erroneous DoD Match

Review VETSNET and, if necessary, the claims folder to determine if the Veteran and the person identified on the listing are the same.

X.11.1.h.  Mismatched Records During DoD Match Review

If a mismatch is discovered, attempt to verify the correctness of the SSN in VA records.
If the error is with the
  • VA records, correct the SSN in the C&P master or corporate record and, if appropriate, Beneficiary Identification and Records Locator Subsystem.  Annotate the listing to show the corrective action taken.
  • DoD records, annotate the listing to this effect.

X.11.1.i.  Matched Records During DoD Match Review

If the Veteran is the individual identified by the match as having returned to active duty, send a notice of proposed adverse action to the Veteran informing him/her that
  • he/she has been identified by DoD as being on active duty as the result of a matching program
  • concurrent payments are not permitted, and
  • if a response clarifying the discrepancy is not received within 60 days, action may be taken retroactively to discontinue benefits based on the information furnished by the service department, resulting in the creation of an overpayment which the Veteran may have to repay.
  • When establishing end product (EP) 600 to control for a response to the notice of proposed adverse action, use the Return to Active Duty claim label.
  • If a response is received, base any actions on the evidence presented.  If after 65 days no response is received, discontinue the award effective the date shown on the listing that the Veteran returned to active duty.
Reference:  For information on preparing a notice of proposed adverse action, seeM21-1, Part I, 2.B.

X.11.1.j.  When a Veteran Reenters Service

If the response from the Veteran indicates that the Veteran did reenter service
  • discontinue the award effective the date of reentry following the due process period
  • verify that the accounts receivable has been created, and
  • annotate the listing showing the amount of overpayment and the monthly rate at the time VA discontinued the award.

2.  Award Reporting on DoD Matches


This topic contains information on award reporting, including

Change Date

July 18, 2018

X.11.2.a.  Quarterly Reports Required on DoD Matches

ROs are required to submit a quarterly report, RCS 20-0751, on the number of cases in which VA benefits have been discontinued because the Veteran returned to active duty.  Quarterly reports are due 14 working days after the end of the following months:
  • March
  • June
  • September, and
  • December.
Note:  This report should also include the number of benefits discontinued based on the VA and DMDC/VADIR Activation Match.

X.11.2.b.  Format for Reports on DoD Matches

Individual case reports are not required.  However, reports are required in the following format:
  • the number of cases terminated this reporting period
  • the total monthly benefit amount of cases terminated this reporting period
  • the total amount of accounts receivable created this reporting period, and
  • a listing of any cases where a SSN is in error in the DoD records.

X.11.2.c.  Where to Send Reports on DoD Matches

ROs must e-mail their reports to VAVBAWAS/CO/212A.
Pension management centers must e-mail their reports toVAVBAWAS/CO/PENSION POL & PROC.
Note:  Negative reports are required.

X.11.2.d.  Disposing of Listings and Reports on DoD Matches

The listings of Disability Compensation Payees on Active Duty and copies of the reports are to be disposed of in accordance with RCS VB-1, Part I, item 13-091.00.

X.11.2.e.  EP Assignment for DoD Matches

Cases that require development and/or award action based on this match are assigned EP 290.
  • Use the claim label Return to Active Duty when establishing EP 290.
  • Follow the instructions in M21-1, Part III, Subpart ii, 1.C.7 if
    • action on the worksheet cannot be taken immediately, and
    • the action involves an award of disability compensation, pension, or Dependency and Indemnity Compensation.
Reference:  For more information on EP credit, see M21-4, Appendix B.
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