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M21-1, Part X, Chapter 01 – General Information on Matching Programs


 In This Chapter
This chapter contains the following topics:
Topic Name

1.  Purpose and Due Process Provisions of Matching Programs


This topic contains information on the purpose and due process provisions of matching programs, including

Change Date

January 24, 2017

X.1.1.a.  Purpose of Matching Programs

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) receives information on a regular basis from several Federal agencies and compares it to information used to determine the status of VA beneficiaries.
The matches identify cases where there are apparent contradictions between information contained in VA records and information furnished by other Federal agencies that affect entitlement.
Note:  Veterans Service Centers (VSCs) and pension management centers (PMCs) will be informed of the dates the matches are conducted.

X.1.1.b.  Due Process Provisions

Information derived from the matches may be used to adjust VA benefit payments.  However, due process provisions are required since matching program information is third-party information.
Exceptions:  The Social Security Administration (SSA) death master file match allows VA to
  • suspend the beneficiary’s award, and
  • generate a contemporaneous notice of the suspension to the beneficiary’s last known address.

Reference:  For more information on

X.1.1.c.  Fraud Referrals

Consider a fraud referral in all instances of failure to report income or other entitlement factors under the provisions of M21-1, Part III, Subpart vi, 5.A.

2.  Jurisdiction Over Reports From Matching Programs   


This topic contains information on jurisdiction over reports from matching programs, including

Change Date
January 17, 2018

X.1.2.a.  PMC Responsibility

The PMCs in Philadelphia, St. Paul and Milwaukee are responsible for receiving and processing all reports from matching programs involving pension and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation recipients, including reports from:
  •  Federal tax information match, including
    • upfront verification
    • the income verification match, and
    • post award audits (PAA)
  • SSA verification match
  • Social Security number match, and
  • prison and fugitive felon match.

Note:  PMCs are not responsible for reviewing PAAs related to total disability based on individual unemployability.

Reference:  For more information on PMC procedures, see M21-1, Part V, Subpart iv, 2.

X.1.2.b.  VSC  Responsibility 

The VSC of jurisdiction is responsible for receiving and processing reports from
  • the SSA prison match, based on the location of the claims folder, and
  • matches involving compensation entitlement.
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