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M21-1, Part VI, Chapter 2, Section A – Process Overview


In This Section

This section contains the topic, “Chapter 18 Claims Process.”

1.  Chapter 18 Claims Process

Change Date

November 1, 2004

VI.2.A.1.a.  Chapter 18 Benefits Claim Process

All Chapter 18 claims fall under the jurisdiction of the Denver Regional Office, perM21-1, Part VI, 1.1.
The table below describes the stages of the Chapter 18 benefits claim process.





Eligibility and Development The development activity

  • verifies specific eligibility requirements for spina bifida or other covered birth defects benefits, including
  • develops for and obtains the following evidence to support the claim
    • Vietnam or Korean service records
    • relationship and date of conception records, and
    • medical and lay evidence.

Note:  Follow the procedures in the steps below only when all elements of basic eligibility are met. If all elements of basic eligibility are not met, follow the instructions at M21-1, Part VI, 2.C.1.a.


Rating The rating activity

  • considers medical and lay evidence
  • determines whether to award or deny entitlement to a monthly monetary allowance, and
  • determines disability level according to
    • severity of symptoms
    • degree of permanent physical or mental disability, and
    • determines incompetency of beneficiaries over the age of 18 under provisions of 38 CFR 3.353.


Authorization The authorization activity

  • processes the award or denial of monthly monetary allowance, and
  • notifies claimant of the decision.
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