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M21-1, Part III, Subpart iv, Chapter 3, Section E – Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Facilities Liaison


1.  Liaison With VA Medical Facilities


This topic contains information about establishing and maintaining a liaison with VA medical facilities, including

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April 6, 2015

III.iv.3.E.1.a.  Personnel Designated as Medical Examination Coordinators

The personnel designated as Medical Examination Coordinators are

  • the Veterans Service Center Manager (VSCM) or the appropriate designee, at each regional office (RO), and
  • an employee at each Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center.

III.iv.3.E.1.b.  Responsibilities of the Medical Examination Coordinators

The Medical Examination Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that

  • examinations meet quality and timeliness standards, and
  • appropriate action is taken to correct any deficiencies.

III.iv.3.E.1.c.  Scheduling Joint Conferences Between VBA and VHA

RO officials shall develop and maintain a partnership with Veterans Health Administration (VHA) medical professionals who perform disability evaluations.
Joint conferences shall be held with VHA health care facility personnel as frequently as needed but at least once a year.

III.iv.3.E.1.d.  Purpose of Joint Conferences

The purpose of conferences between the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and VHA is to provide a collaborative forum for discussing Compensation and Pension examination issues to insure that both administrations provide the highest quality of service and benefits delivery to our Nation’s Veterans.
Note:  Meetings with VHA Medical Examination Coordinators should be an integral part of liaison visits.

III.iv.3.E.1.e.  Topics That Should Be Discussed at Joint Conferences

At joint conferences, the conferees should discuss the

  • sufficiency of Disability Benefits Questionnaires and Compensation and Pension examination requests for rating purposes
  • adequacy of medical opinions and requests for medical opinions
  • timeliness of examination reports
  • administrative procedures to include access to appropriate personnel to clarify exam requests from ROs and examination reports from the medical facility
  • sufficiency of the Acceptable Clinical Evidence process
  • logistical concerns for co-located VHA and/or VBA personnel at facilities, and
  • other issues of mutual interest to both VBA and VHA employees.

III.iv.3.E.1.f.  Who Maintains Minutes of the Joint Conferences

The VSCM, Pension Management Center Manger (PMCM), or designee maintains the minutes of the joint conferences.
Note:  When problems are encountered that require the assistance of Central Office, submit a report to Compensation Service or Pension and Fiduciary Service.

III.iv.3.E.1.g. Role of Quality Review Specialists

Quality Review Specialists (QRSs) will identify and communicate examination concerns and trends to the RO’s Medical Examination Coordinator.
If necessary, QRSs will work with Medical Examination Coordinators to ensure the necessary training is conducted with the appropriate VHA personnel either at the joint conferences or at a separate time.
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